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Models Wanted

We would like to introduce you something that you have been looking for a long time.

Models Wanted. If you are an exhibit or you just like to show yourself and you want to get some money for this performance, this is your proper place. This is your platform, This could be what you are looking for.

Models Wanted. We have launched a completely new service for you. What can you win with our offer? What is the essence of our new development?
We can design a new personal website where you can introduce you and you can show any photos and videos about yourself for those people who are open to give you some money for your contents. There will be two parts of your personal site. The first could be for everyone. You can show some photos about you and you can introduce you. The second stage contains payable contents. If anyone wants to see your photos or watch your videos they need to pay for your contents about 20 – 30 USD per month. Only your members are going to have an access to the full content.

Why would be a great opportunity for you?
There are several reasons.

We are sure you have heard about the “live webcam show”. In this case you can earn well but you must be online when you want to earn. When you are inactive, you are not online you cannot earn.  What do we have to do? If you record your personal video (You can record more videos of course) you can earn anytime, even you are away from your webcam. This could be a great opportunity for a passive income. Just imagine! You can earn some money while you are sleeping or while you are on holiday. Sounds good, right?

We can talk about your photos as well. You probably have a great photo portfolio and you are planning to order a great series about you. This could be a same chance as your videos. You can show some photos for the public but behind the curtain where you have your secret contents for your members, this could be your other chance to earn money anytime. Do that you really want and earn money at same time.

There is a very important fact. If you have professional photos you are going to have more and more chance to earn more than you thought before. Be professional and earn more than before.  If you have more professional contents you are going to have more fans and you can earn more and more.

Do not wait… let’s start!

We do not want you to be hurt if you are older than 40 years older just because we know the age is only a number and you can be beautiful and sexy. But we believe the younger generation has some kind of charm.

Well, if you are belonging to the younger generation and we are not thinking of your age but rather your attitude, life style and your frame of mind. So, If you belong to the group of 20 to 40 generation and you have some fancy and sexy photos and videos do not hesitate. They can start to work for you and they can earn unlimited money for you. You can essentially save your age through your videos and photos. Just try to imagine! You can be like a real top-model! You can earn in the future from your current pictures and videos. This is an amazing offer. Isn’t it?

It is never too late to start, because we know models over 60 and they make money from their youth.

If you are basically shy, but you still want to be a model, you can do it, because this great opportunity is not just about the nakedness. We really want to show and introduce the natural beauty and sexy women. There is another great option. You can upload any elegant portfolio in clothes. Just because, there are many people, who are not looking for “porno” contents.

There will be on our site a consolidated clothes category as well like another agency. You do not have to feel excluded if you are wanted to be more elegant and mysterious model.

This question must be answered by You! There are as many options as you want. It can be a single production but feel free and be as creative as you can. You can achieve your dream here. Try to show your secret personality and your style.

If you have a friend, girlfriend any friends you can do it together or in a group as well. But try to show a spectacular production about you. The best way, if you strive for the best quality. Try be unique!

Our primary goal is to present your best portfolio, especially highlighting your femininity and sexuality. We do not aim to present more hard pornographic contents. There are many options on the internet.

Whether you prefer solo or group production, do it just degree by degree. The proper portfolio consist 50-100 images. If you show only one kind of production it can be boring maybe.

Make your spot and appearance varied, be always cool and well-groomed. If you want to introduce 100 pics portfolio, you should start with location, spot. Show, you feel you there very well and you are happy there. After the introduction you can show more and more, depends on you every time. What do you want to share with your visitors, it is up to you.

Basically there are two options.

One of these option, you can open an own under our official website. There could be a separated site for you. You can upload here your own photos and videos. This variation is very easy and simple. Unfortunately here you need to share everything with other girls. Until we will not have enough ladies here this option will be free but you cannot earn anything of course. When we will reach a proper limit this site will be payable and you can have a limited income of course.

Your own website

The other option is your own website. You need to choose a good domain name first (, but we can help you of course anytime. Your new website will be built into your chosen domain, which reflecting your attitude, personality and sexuality. This website needs a physical storage (Host) as well and you can upload the contents here. This could be the best choice just because you can be independent. But you need a basic investment because you need to pay for the domain, host and design. There is a really important fact. In this case the income is yours.

When you have an own website you can have a chance to share the contents on any other sites. So, now you can show your own portfolio anywhere you want. For those people who have own websites, they also have an opportunity to share any content on our website of course.

You certainly wonder why do you need an own website and what type of advantage comes from this opportunity. Well, that is a very good question. The erotic industry is a huge market everywhere in the World. You have a chance now to fly to between the biggest websites and one day maybe someone will find your portfolio somewhere. You can get some order for other jobs and you can earn extra income.

What you need to do for the start?

  • For the online payments you need to find a reliable service provider and you must keep safe your details.
  • Collect your best photos and videos or any contents you need.
  • You have to decide what solution you need. Shared or own website. Depends on your decision choose a proper domain, host, etc.

If you need and help please do not hesitate to ask us.

Probably as long as you have been reading our description maybe you have been thinking how much is this and how much money can you earn whit this opportunity. There two groups of people. The first want to pay anything to see you. They are your audience! There are another of course. They do not want to see you and the will not to pay for the contents of course. We do not care about this group now. So, please forget them.

Let’s count

Think the biggest as you can. Do not be shy! There are two billion man who wants to see your photos and watch your videos. Take only one percent who look for sexy girls regularly on the net, but only one percent of the previous group will find you. Ok, reduce this group! Only one percent of the previous groups members will pay you. You are right, this group contains 2000 hungry man. Every people from this group will pay you 20USD per month. This is 40.000USD per month. But maybe the one percent is too much?

How can you make your site known, distributed and promote?

Your new website which is built by us is fundamentally linked to almost all social sites. Such as the facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagran, etc. You can share any contents via this platforms and your shared contents will lead everybody back to your site. With this simple activities you can generate more and more followers. Additionally you can share your site and contents on other communities as well: (,,,, etc.).

If you want to do camchat, you can place your link as public link on your own site as well. The best option for the webchat when you have a fix schedule, because you can show a specific timetable. Hopefully there are going to be more and more people who want to reach and join you.

You can take pictures alone of course, but if you want to look professional you should find a good photographer. If you do not have enough pictures you should emphasis this, just because the new content is expected for renewed the monthly membership. The more the better every time. If you do not have to find a professional photographer, you can ask your friends as well. There are many proper mobile phone which has good cameras. If you have a chance to go out, you should because for the better photos need enough light.

A good photo series consists 50-100 images usually, which are made at same place and same conditions. You should take more than 100 photos of course and try to selected the best.

You should making videos with same way as your photos of course. Your videos do not have to be to long.

Lower quality images can be used on social networking sites. You can add some information, you can transfer your visitors to your own website and hopefully they will make a registration.

The best way if you can try to find a good photographer around your area or within your circle of friend who know how can he takes proper photos about you.

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